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Q:Does this device hurt? I have very sensitive teeth/gums

A:Not at all. SmileVibes Ultrasonic Tooth Cleaner use vibrations in order to effectively clean your teeth. There is no pain while using it. 

Q:Do you have to put water into it?

A:No. There is no water receptacle.

Q:I’m in between dentist visits to fix a cavity. Would this product be ok to use on the tooth with the cavity?

A:No, if you have a cavity do not use this tool on that tooth. A cavity can hurt and it's better to consult a dentist. 

Q:Can I share it with my family?

A:We recommend to use it only for you, as all hygiene products should be personal. We suggest you to buy one per user as we have bulk discount.

Q:I have braces can I still use this?

A:Yes, you should use this even more, it can reach between the braces where toothbrushes can't.

Q:Is it safe to use it daily?

A:Yes, it was designed to be part of your oral hygiene routine.

Q:How long does a full charge last?

A:It depends on your usage but it usually last one month for one charge.

Q:Does this remove tartar and stains?

A:Yes, use it daily and you notice that you will slowly have less tartar, plaque and stain than before. It doesn't replace a full dentist visit but helps a lot.

Q:Do you brush teeth before or after using this?

A:Both are fine, we usually recommend to use it before brushing teeth. 

Q:Does this remove calculus, or just plaque? They are two different things.

A:This removes both. Calculus is the prolonging of plaque build up. Plaque typically is removed by brushing so if it’s not coming off by brushing then it’s actually calculus. This does great on removing calculus.